Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Year Ending Praise Ceremony

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome concluded 2017 with a rousing praise service on December 31st. As soon as he took the stage, the worshippers cried out with elation and joy. The main theme was to appreciate the unlimited manestifications and divine blessings received. Prior to Pastor Chris taking the stage, there was an opening invocation, a mantra praising God’s name. After the mantra, as the Pastor began the service, he shouted out praises; reminding us that life isn’t a selective process, everything is done rendering “glory to God.”

From the opening mantra onward, the room was charged with high energy. The crowd took a while to be seated, and looking around the large convention hall, there was an awesome sense of a greater connection to all. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome demonstrates how God can fill the human persona with light and love. Evident by the fact that the Holy Spirit on Earth united all people, under one roof for a grand night of celebration. The praise ceremony highlighted the many significant and productive events achieved by the ministry during the year. One of the many accomplishments was the spiritual deliverance of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s book, “Rhapsody of Realities.” The book, currently in worldwide distribution, has been published in 900 languages, with over 1.3 billion copies sold. Rhapsody of Realities is an example of the ministry’s work during 2017. In the book, Pastor Chris celebrates the name of God, by spreading his message through written word.

During the service, Pastor Chris spoke about the impact of the Loveword networks. Loveword USA reaches people worldwide through television, radio and online programming. The network also extends to helping children overcome challenges. Loveword International includes the Healing School, The Innercity Mission and the Ministry School. Not one to dwell solely on self and the works of the ministry, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome made sure to celebrate the achievements of the young leaders in the community. These young people were recognized with a special award, dedicated to celebrating their accomplishments as well. The 2017 honor, the Future African Leaders Award was presented to, Naomi Ekpoki Aliyu. Naomi was overcome with emotion and gratitude, her face shown with pure joy, as her name was announced for the top prize.

The night of celebration kept going as Martin PK delivered a beautiful rendition of his newly released gospel single, “Beautiful Jesus.” During the previous award season, it was chosen as song of the year. The service included many other recording artists who lifted up their voices in joyful celebration of God’s abundant blessings. The message was one of bountiful blessings, as they offered uplifting praise and devotion in service to God. The night of celebration was all about demonstrating gratitude for blessings already bestowed.

At the conclusion of the night, Pastor Chris thanked God and asked the crowd to bear witness to the goodness of God. He offered additional praise for the abundance that the ministry was blessed with in 2017. The Pastor then asked that the worshippers submit the names of their family members they wish to lift up in prayer online. They were encouraged to use the dedicated chat line via the ministry called, Kingschat. The entire night was devoted to praise and gratitude for the previous year’s blessings. Other leaders in the community and of the church joined in the songs of praise and also submitted words of gratitude for God’s grace and kindness. Most of the night of worship and celebration saw attendees standing in support as Pastor Chris asked them to bear witness. He also submitted supplication to God’s splendor and prayed for another vibrant, thriving year for 2018.