Promoting healthy communication in a relationship – What are the tricks?

Have you been recently noticing lack of communication between you two? Do you lately find it tough to communicate about your feelings of love and longing? Whenever you start speaking about your feelings, do you find your partner running away from you? As per recent research, it has been found that speaking about your feelings, whether about love or anger, is not just the best way of communicating but it is also the best way in which you can maintain a healthy relation. provides an overview on how to communicate in an alternative way. That said, here are few steps that you can personally take, without the help or guidance from a therapist.

  • Pick out the best time to interact

If there is an issue that is bothering both of you, you have to find out the right time when it should be the best for both of you to converse with each other. Make sure you choose a time when both you and your partner are not distracted or stressed or in a hurry. Don’t schedule a time during that part of the day when both of you remain too busy with other household or office chores.


  • Face-to-face communication is the best form

If you prefer to share things in writing, you shouldn’t do the same with serious issues like the one that you’re going through. Letters, text messages and mails can often be misinterpreted unless what you say is said from your won mouth. In case you find it troublesome to collect all that you want to say, make sure you write them down so that you can at least read them aloud to your partner.


  • Be honest and real about what you say

It is always true that the truth hurts but whenever you’re … Read more

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Year Ending Praise Ceremony

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome concluded 2017 with a rousing praise service on December 31st. As soon as he took the stage, the worshippers cried out with elation and joy. The main theme was to appreciate the unlimited manestifications and divine blessings received. Prior to Pastor Chris taking the stage, there was an opening invocation, a mantra praising God’s name. After the mantra, as the Pastor began the service, he shouted out praises; reminding us that life isn’t a selective process, everything is done rendering “glory to God.”

From the opening mantra onward, the room was charged with high energy. The crowd took a while to be seated, and looking around the large convention hall, there was an awesome sense of a greater connection to all. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome demonstrates how God can fill the human persona with light and love. Evident by the fact that the Holy Spirit on Earth united all people, under one roof for a grand night of celebration. The praise ceremony highlighted the many significant and productive events achieved by the ministry during the year. One of the many accomplishments was the spiritual deliverance of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s book, “Rhapsody of Realities.” The book, currently in worldwide distribution, has been published in 900 languages, with over 1.3 billion copies sold. Rhapsody of Realities is an example of the ministry’s work during 2017. In the book, Pastor Chris celebrates the name of God, by spreading his message through written word.

During the service, Pastor Chris spoke about the impact of the Loveword networks. Loveword USA reaches people worldwide through television, radio and online programming. The network also extends to helping children overcome challenges. Loveword International includes the Healing School, The Innercity Mission and the Ministry School. Not one to dwell solely on self and the works of the … Read more